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Upcoming Speaking Events

A few years ago I would’ve told you that two of my biggest fears are: flying and public speaking. Thankfully, that’s no longer entirely true, and like anything, the more you tackle things that frighten the hell out of you, the easier (and even enojoyable) they become.

That said, I’ve lined up a few speaking events that I’m quite excited about, and conveniently they’ve all been just announced within the past few days:

  • Carson Workshop: Bulletproof Design with XHTML and CSS

    November 2, 2006 9:30am-5:30pm ·

    Having a whole day will be excellent for diving deeper into the concepts and techniques described in the book. I’ll be using the design of Cork’d as a model for much of the day, discussing the bulletproof methods for designing with lean markup and flexible style. It’s also a bit daunting having an entire day — but the 40 seat limit will (I hope) create a two-way conversation, and I’m looking forward to talking about things that would otherwise get tossed out of a short presentation. I also like the commute to this.

  • Web Directions North

    February 6-10, 2007 ·

    The best conference of the southerrn hemisphere comes north to Canada. Brought to you by John Allsopp and Maxine Sherrin of Westciv, Dave Shea and Derek Featherstone. A great lineup, and skiing at Whistler. I’ll be talking about microformats (with more details to follow).

  • @media 2007 (America)

    May 24-25, 2007 ·
    San Francisco

    The best conference in Europe comes stateside!

  • @media 2007 (Europe)

    June 7-8, 2007 ·

    Vivabit knows how to put a really great conference together. Last year’s event was fantastically organized and a real blast. Wish the World Cup happend every year though.

Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be speaking about this year at @media yet (a conference that’s gone tri-continental this year, with a stop in Hong Kong as well). Actually, feel free to suggest something in the comments (topics could include “ukuleles” or “designing with baby toys”).

SmudgeBook Tip

All those smudges covering your black MacBook (you know, the ones that make you question your color choice) can be quickly and easily erased with a few swipes of the cleaning cloth that comes wth your Apple Cinema Display. Convenient. No water/cleaning liquid/turtle wax required. If you don’t currently own an Apple Cinema Display, I don’t recommend buying one solely for the cloth (although I’m sure it’s tempting).

There is now hope for SmudgeBook+Cinema Display owners worldwide.

New Chameleon Icon Sets

It’s been almost exactly one year since releasing Chameleon, a customizable stock icon set for the web. It’s been really successful, and later spawned additional ideas for color changing goods. Then life happened, and most of those ideas fell by the wayside.

iconsI’m happy to announce today, at least a small portion of those grand ideas in the form of two new Chameleon icon pack styles:

Chameleon Graphite
A reversed version of the original, the graphite style has a shiny silver container for the tiny shapes that change color inside.
Chameleon Mini
Just the tiny shapes without the container. I’d been meaning to get this set finished since releasing the original and just never got around to it. These miniature icons are especially great for embellishing links inline.

Just like the original style, each of these new sets is available in a “Ready-Made” pack of six pre-selected colors ($35 USD), or as a single set using the hex color of your choosing ($25 USD). Hope you dig ‘em.