More Workshop Details

Amidst a flurry of client activity over here at SimpleBits HQ, I’m also lovingly crafting what I hope to be a great Carson Workshop: Bulletproof Design with XHTML & CSS on November 2nd in Boston. The venue is now booked, and it’ll be a fun one: Boston’s Museum of Science — a place anyone who’s grown up in the area knows very well. Perhaps between sessions we can chill out in the planetarium or IMAX theatre. Anyhow, I think it’ll be a great setting, and I can only hope I’m able to make the day helpful, fun, inspiring and interesting.

I should also note I’ll be handing out stickers, t-shirts and books to attendees in scheduled bursts of shameless self-promotion. I haven’t yet determined the criteria for receiving the goods — but we’ll think of something interesting.

Hope to see you there.