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An Event Apart Boston

An Event Apart is coming to Boston in 2007! And they’ve super-sized it into a two-day conference with an amazing lineup of speakers including some dude named Dean Cedarhouse or something. He will be speaking about something great (have any fantastic topic ideas? Comments welcomed).

Here’s your hCalendar hookup:

The awesomeness at this gathering will be inescapable. I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you can make it. There are even post-show beer plans already in the works.

Workshopp’d (and a break)

I’ll start off by mentioning that the Carsons (Gillian and Ryan) are two of the nicest people you’ll meet in the business. I’m grateful to them for setting up Thursday’s “workshop”: at Boston’s Museum of Science.
I think it went well, and I’ve received some good, positive feedback. As with anything, I’ll now be focusing on the parts that I thought could’ve been presented better — but all-in-all I had a _great_ time, managed to still have a voice after talking for eight hours, and those that attended (suprisingly many from outside of New England) brought along great questions. It’s clear that the majority of people attending conferences and workshops are gaining more and more knowledge about CSS, standards, semantic markup, etc. So much so, that I wonder what the heck I should speak about in the future. Hrm.
So thanks to all who came out to the workshop, and again to the “Carsons”: (they have this stuff down to a science). It capped off the busiest few months I’ve had in years, and in two days we’ll board a plane for Florida to visit family for a week. A much needed unplugging.
While I’m away, “Rael Dornfest and company”: will be presenting “Stikkit”: on the “Launch Pad”: at the “Web 2.0 conference”: Stikkits are “little yellow notes that think”, and I’ve been helping with the design. Keep an eye out for it!