New Chunky Icons T-Shirt

t-shirtJust in time for Spring, the all-new Chunky Icons Tee is available, selling fast, and shipping immediately! This is a limited-editon run that includes a numbered, signed letterpressed card and free stickers. The shirt is printed by the fabulous folks at Acme Prints on “Army” American Apparel (of course). You will love it.

On the front are five icons lined up in a row (from the Chameleon Chunky stock icon set over at our IconShoppe). Your task is to come up with what they mean. Best answer added as a comment here wins a *free shirt* (comment before April 7, 2007 to enter). On the back yoke is a small SimpleBits logo mark. Just because.

More detailed views of the shirt are available in this Flickr photo set.


  1. Jake L says:

    Congrats on the shirt! It’s nice and simple.
    Those Chameleon icons are certainly versatile. As for the meaning, it’s quite obvious: the music (music note) coming from the phone (phone) of the business man (dude and briefcase) is good (checkmark).
    I don’t know if that was what you meant by “meaning”, but it was a cute little story, right?
    Once again, congrats on the shirt! I’ll be buying one if I don’t win. :]

  2. Gilles Defever says:

    My take:
    “When the new iPhone comes out, you can be damn sure that this man will buy one, even if it means he has to sell his house and live with only a suitcase under a bridge somewhere to fund it.”

  3. Jay Neely says:

    Clearly, it’s a celebration of vintage tech/concepts:
    -My Piano Rolls
    -My Portable TV
    -My Real-life Friends
    -My Briefcase(Not Windows 98′s)
    -My Pre-Internet Productivity

  4. Cliff says:

    Modern hieroglyphics which translate roughly to:
    “Silence your cellphone, Dude, or ship out, OK?”

  5. I was listening to music on my Treo when a friend called. He was travelling and just wanted to check on me.

  6. Jessica Beck says:

    Life. Check.

  7. Tantek says:

    Tunes? Mobile internet device? Destination contacts? Bags packed? Check.
    We are good to go to the next web/interactive/social/design/information/interface conference/gathering/camp/plenary/event.

  8. epc says:

    “Listen, call me, I’m packed up and ready to go”
    Is the deadline really 7 April 2006?

  9. Daniel says:

    The duality of man:
    Fun on one side, duty on the other.

  10. LinkTiger says:

    Great shirt. As for its meaning, it’s painfully obvious:
    “It’s my new mp3 phone,” said the man with the briefcase, “check it out!”

  11. Jeroen Visser says:

    Ehm, just ordered one, but I’m going for the second one just to be able to give it to a good friend-and-also-graphic-designer of mine. Bet she’ll love it. My 2 cents:
    You can say anything about my music taste, gadgets, haircut or briefcase, but my heart is in the right place!
    More or less. :)

  12. I’ve got my music and my phone, I’m ready to go.

  13. Kevin Cannon says:

    Have iPhone, will travel.
    Nice and simple, just like the icons.

  14. Orhan says:

    I think that the person icon in the middle represents the person wearing the shirt. On the left side, the fun stuff, like music and chatting with your friends, are represented and on the right side, work and to-do-lists are symbolized. The person will unite these elements and become capable of managing all of them at once when wearing the t-shirt… I think (and wish) :D

  15. Shikiryu says:

    I think it means
    “Alright, I’m ready to go on my trip” ^^
    Like those icons and ur stickers on ur flickr page too :O

  16. There is music on my phone. Therefore, shall I climb into my suitcase? YES!

  17. Addam says:

    I see this as a reminder for when you leave the house, similar to this doormat:
    iPod? Cell phone? I’ve got them on me before I leave the house? Check!
    It’s a tad bit different from my checklist which goes: Keys? Wallet? iPod? Phone? Check! … except when I don’t check properly.
    Ummm… On second thought, I should probably order the shirt AND doormat.

  18. motherduce says:

    “If you buy music and an iphone, I, Steve Jobs, can go on vacation with my commission check.”

  19. Luke Seeley says:

    I’d like to see a Tee featuring that spectacular logo of yours.

  20. Johan says:

    It means:
    Music, on my phone, that is portable, is good.

  21. I think it’s like:
    DRM-music on my phone makes me wanna ship out, right?

  22. John Lampard says:

    Meaning? Pretty obvious if you ask me. Just Buy It ;) I just did :)

  23. Marius B says:

    Ok then, let´s go!

  24. Erin says:

    It’s a reminder for you when you and Jack are preparing for a day out together:
    “Tunes for Jack? Toys for Jack? Jack? Baby bag? CHECK!”

  25. Steve says:

    “Things you see on your morning commute”
    * Music (ipods)
    * Blackberry
    * People
    * Briefcases
    ** Check!

  26. Jeff Gillan says:

    Beat it!
    Don’t talk -
    to me!
    Just incase…
    You tick me off
    Nice shirt!

  27. James says:

    “Singing on my phone lets me do business right!”

  28. Alexandra says:

    It says, “Why am I not a juggling Octopus?”. I’ve ordered mine because I want the complete SimpleBits collection but I hope a charming sea creature makes its appearance on a sweet tee sometime soon.

  29. Brian says:

    “Self-centered nerd (I am)”

  30. Robert says:

    You love to touch my chunky, pixel nipples, don’t you?

  31. John says:

    Ok, I’m going the literal route:
    “Note, Phone, User, Suitcase, Check”
    Simple Bits.

  32. Damon S. says:

    These remind me of my trips to school competitions. I went to Kansas City last summer to compete in a national Advertising Design competition.
    1) Always have your iPod handy. It helps greatly on the bus/plane trips, and other times you have absolutely nothing to do.
    2) Keep your cell phone on you at all times. The moment you think you got the schedule figured out, your instructor calls you and screams that you’re late for a mandatory contestant meeting. That meeting is halfway across town, too.
    3) Remember that the guy you got a hotel room with is in the same dire situation as you. At least he has an easy competition. (Math? Dude, that’s simple. Ad Design is much harder.)
    4) You can never pack enough pairs of socks. Never. Nuff said.
    5) Always check your work. I don’t think I was reminded of that enough.
    I haven’t read the comments yet on purpose, so if I’ve totally missed the subject, you may now laugh. :-)

  33. Gilles Defever says:

    another bite:
    “I Call the tune. I’m the man. Case closed.”

  34. What TERRIBLE idea for a T-Shirt! I plan on buying one as soon as possible!

  35. BenSky says:

    Nice t-shirt where can I get one? any other colours?

  36. ab says:

    “musical note”; “handheld”; “mezzobusto”; “briefcase”; “Yeah, right, simple as that. Whatta hell did you think it meant, dude??”

  37. tech says:

    cool web 2.0 tshirt

  38. Aristo says:

    Quite good, I think its a good idea to realize

  39. ezgi says:

    Open ended analogy… may mean “I am more technological person than you can ever think”

  40. Gekko says:

    Cool, but the Icons could be a little bit bigger.

  41. I LOVE the chunky icon tee as well as all of Dan’s work. I will be ordering many shirts so keep’em coming Dan.
    thanks for Simple Bits.