404 Hunt

In doing some research for a newish presentation, I’m on the hunt for cool, funny, well-designed and/or useful custom 404 pages. Stumbled across anyone that gets this right? I’d love to see it.


  1. soho says:

    SmashingMagazine collected a couple of funny 404′s: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/07/25/wanted-your-404-error-pages/

  2. Jeremy Keith says:

    The Pownce 404 remains my favourite. It all started because Leah has a habit of saying “Ack!” when something goes wrong…

  3. Stephen says:

    Dunstan has a useful 404 for his blog:
    In terms of funny, Homestar Runner nails it in the spirit of the site, down to the “OW! My browser!” drawing and the “Oops! You bwoke it” page title:

  4. Doug says:

    Mixx has a great one, only to be outdone by there 500 page

  5. Jeremy says:

    I keep a folder in my bookmarks for just this sort of thing! I’ve only found two good ones so far…
    Clean -n- Simple
    A bit of humor

  6. Justine says:

    Chris Messina has put together a great collection of 404 screen shots.

  7. Ryan Irelan says:

    The Twitter 404 used to be great, until it appeared 404 times a day.
    (Technically, it’s probably not a 404 but a 503).

  8. Bryan Culver says:

    A 404 page I will be using in a future design:

  9. It’s not very helpful to the user, so I don’t use it anymore, but I used to have this one, and I’m still quite fond of it:

  10. Eric Meyer says:

    I have a sneaking fondness for my own:
    It’s a little out of date but still fairly useful. Plus it has its very own header image.

  11. Matt Otto says:

    It’s Zork, the entire game.

  12. I threw a quick one up a few weeks ago. No idea is anyone has found it.

  13. I humbly submit my own as falling in the “useful” category. It takes the tail of the url and submits it as a search string, pulling in any results and diplaying them above an index of blog posts.

  14. We did some fun (yet conventional) things for mixx.com. However, it is the 500 page we are especially proud of.
    404 Error:
    500 Error:

  15. Way back in 2004 ALA wrote up an article on making 404 pages useful.

  16. not sure if it’s “cool”, but i hope it’s at least marginally useful http://www.salford.ac.uk/errors/404

  17. My 404 lets the user perform an internal search.
    Just in case the user is not in the mood to do it, it can click on Top Posts, Last content an categories.
    I think I should make it cleaner and funnier, but is useful the way it is.

  18. karan says:

    There’s a collection of 404s at Area 404. May be a little out of date these days though…

  19. Els says:

    I like to think mine falls in the useful category :-)

  20. Christian says:

    Funny, I just took care of this for my domain a few weeks ago: 404, 500

  21. liz says:

    Etsy takes it old school.

  22. Matt Robin says:

    I’m not sure if my 404 page is good enough for the Simplebits list…it’s more functional than funny – take a look at my site, just add ‘err’ after the domain name and have a look! :D

  23. Always been a fan of The Motley Fool 404 haikus (reload to collect ‘em all):
    Or Kaliber10000′s classic “crash landing” 404:

  24. Jeremy says:

    Great old site which combines a how-to, a history, and a gallery of the finest 404 sites. Plus – their own 404 page is hilarious.

  25. Scott M. says:

    I did my best with this one:

  26. Darren Hoyt says:

    I try to ensure no one sees it accidentally, but here’s mine.

  27. Neil Ford says:

    Not sure this counts, but the latest AppleGeeks is definitely well timed:
    - Neil.

  28. Ross says:

    We put an easter egg in ours: Click the image

  29. That internet hive of scum an villainy, 4chan.org — not very safe for work — has its own amusing 404-page graphics (see also “404 girl”)

  30. I’m quite pleased with my 404, but even more so with my 403.

  31. I always thought Nathan Smiths at Sonspring was pretty good:

  32. Wufoo’s are always amusing.

  33. bruce says:

    Mine is not funny, useful, cool or helpful.
    But it’s on a personal site and you get to see my personality through it!

  34. tom says:

    We did a posting on this recently…

  35. It would be super handy if your blog auto-parsed URLs.

  36. Nic says:

    Consistent and useful.

  37. Jeff Skinner says:

    This has always made me chuckle….
    As with everything else they do.

  38. Urban Outfitters’ 404 sums it up pretty well:

  39. Ben Finkel says:

    We tried to capture the emotion of a 404:

  40. Sean Landry says:

    I found this JavaScript on the web years ago and adapted it for my own 404s

  41. I’ve always thought David Barras has a really humorous error message:
    Be sure to check out these other pages as well:
    unauthorized directory
    forbidden directory
    internal server error

  42. the absolute, #1, tip top, funniest and best 404 – is no doubt B3TA.
    oh yes.

  43. koovee says:

    Try this – multiple times. :)

  44. I really like this one, they give you $10 if you find a missing page The Watch Company

  45. Anonymous says:

    My favorite error messages are from the hype machine.

  46. A fantastic pool we’ve amassed. Thank you all!

  47. Denis says:

    The best one I’ve found myself is clever enough to choose a random refresh for the image that helps describe what’s going on. It’s not terribly informative, but still beautiful. Reload the page a couple of times
    Found at:
    “Due to strong winds from the north…”

  48. Kitaj says:

    The best 404 page I saw is this:
    A little of explanation for those of you who don’t speak Slovenian. This is an independent video news site. The spoken text goes like this: “The mystery of the missing internet page will one day most likely be solved by time. From Location 404 for Internet reporting Luka Koper.”

  49. Michael Dick says:

    Simple 404 that doesn’t give too much or too little: Michael Dick’s 404 Page.

  50. My friend Andy’s 404 page remains my favorite.

  51. gc says:

    Here’s one we did for Levi’s for the launch of their Girls cut jeans.

  52. Pete Fairhurst says:

    I’m quite proud of this one I put together for an education training and services company many moons ago–lots of pertinent, useful information on there to assist/reassure the lost visitor I think:

  53. Joe Lencioni says:

    I don’t know if you are still on the lookout for these, but Gustavus Adolphus College has a pretty useful 404.

  54. Funner says:

    Funatiq has a really nice 404 page:

  55. Carlos says:

    I try to get business back from my 404′s

  56. Ben says:

    Here’s the one from our soon-to-be-launched site http://www.thebrandsurgery.co.uk/simplebits

  57. Michel says:

    Hi, Dan,
    I linked to your invaluable resource in my blog, and one of my readers added his 2¢:

  58. MiSc says:

    What I do at MiSc.at is redirecting 404-Errors (and all the stuff behind the slash) to my site’s search (which should be more intelligent one day).
    Nice side effect: one can now look for keywords simply by putting them behind the TLD.
    Example: http://MiSc.at/404

  59. zedzdead says:

    domino bloggers don’t get the credit they deserve but Jake’s solution at Codestore even comes with an article explaining how its done (maybe there are alternative platform equivelents out there somewhere).

  60. Dan Diemer says:

    ABC Family’s was pretty humorous, especially for something as corporate as it is: http://abcfamily.go.com/abcfamily/path/section_Home/page_Home.lost

  61. This is my generic 404 page when a site is “under construction”

  62. Golf site has an interesting twist for their 404…

  63. Ben Borges says:

    Joomla have combined with Artio JoomSEF, a nice plugin/manbot 404 redirect that analyse the URL or URI and re-direct the user to the item that match or else present to you an integrated search box with the name of the URL has a query for the search session…result ? no more 404, user always find the content !

  64. Graft says:

    A nice 404 i drawed for StudentMarket