SimpleBits Seeks Apprentice/Assistant

Dear Esteemed Readers: I need help. I suppose I’ve needed help for quite some time. But I wasn’t in a hurry. Things have settled down enough to start a formal search for an eager assistant/apprentice/intern to help SimpleBits grow a tiny bit more.

I’m trying to keep an open mind about who you might be. In essence, I’m looking for the right person instead of trying to fill a well-outlined job description. Here are a couple important details about this little position that we’re looking to fill:

  • Part-time. Mostly likely, just one day a week at a reasonable hourly rate.
  • You’ll work onsite in our small studio here in downtown historic Salem, Massachusetts. We’re situated in an old brick row building with a great coffeeshop on the first floor. Being onsite is an important part of this search. I miss collaborating with someone in person, with a goal of building a fun place to come to work to everyday.
  • You’ll hopefully have some HTML and CSS experience, perhaps you dabble in backend development or graphic design. You might help test and do research, or you might help mail t-shirts or help develop future SimpleBits ideas and products. There’s a variety of places you could plug in here—it all depends on finding the right person and focusing on the strengths they might have.
    Best of all though, you’ll definitely have fun. And you’ll get to work on some cool projects. Interested and local to Massachusetts? Please send over some info about you, and we’ll get the ball rolling.