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A portion of a talk I gave throughout much of last year had a little bit on typography, and quoted an article from October 2006, Web Design is 95% Typography (the percentage could be a little exaggerated, but the concept is solid):

During the Italian renaissance the typographer had one font to work with, and yet this period produced some of the most beautiful typographical work.

A perfect present-day example of working with one font + CSS to manipulate that to convey meaning and interest is the current one-pager for the Seed Conference in Chicago this June. Beautiful work. One font. All hypertext.

Oh, and it looks to be a great conference, too.

Update: several people have pointed me to the impressively re-worked em-based version of the Seed design by Phineas X. Jones. When using ems instead of pixels, resizing text will keep all that lovely type work intact. Nice work.

Authentic Jobs

Since 2005, Authentic Jobs has been:

… a targeted destination for standards-aware designers and developers and the companies seeking to hire them.

It’s a fantastic resource for the community — and one I’ve often pointed folks to that seek help.

You’ll notice some Authentic Jobs listed right here in the sidebar of SimpleBits. We’re happy to have joined the network of partners over the weekend. AJ proprietor (and designer extraordinaire) Cameron Moll announces the new additions over at his site. It’s great to be aboard.