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Tenley Murphy Cederholm


Kerry and I welcomed the birth of our daughter yesterday. Tenley Murphy Cederholm was born June 25th at 1:22pm. Six pounds, eleven ounces of pure joy.

Where our 2 1/2 year old son Jack came six weeks early, Tenley decided to do it her own way, arriving 3 days late. Everyone’s doing wonderfully though, and Mom and baby will be coming home tomorrow.

I’ll be taking the next month off as much as possible as we adjust to newborn status once again. See you in a bit.

“There’s a big difference between building YASN (Yet Another Social Network) and building a new application with social features.”

Tipping Point


At one of my favorite local coffee shops, I’ve noticed they have a creative take on generating tips. I’m sure this is used elsewhere as well, but it’s the first time I’ve come across it.

There are two baskets by the register, with a rotating sign above that asks a question. Today it was: “Should Obama pick Hillary as Vice President?” Throw your tip in the appropriate basket, and we get an instant, visible poll as a byproduct of giving your barista a little extra change. Some questions generate a more noticeable swing in basket preference (sorry, Hillary), while others are just fun throwaways.

A small reward for participation. I’m sure there’s a parallel here with social web interaction, but I’ll let Josh or someone else who’s hot on this topic decipher it.

Listening, Too

I rarely find new music these days. I’ll blame it on time and general lameness. But here’s two new (to me) bands that are worthy of spreading the word on.
Midlake: “Head Home”. My pal Jeff turned me on these guys. Pure 70s smoothness. No one does vocal harmonies like this anymore. Their album, The Trials of Van Occupanther is an absolute gem.

MGMT: “Time to Pretend”. Could this be the Summer 2008 Anthem™? It’d probably need different lyrics. But regardless, this is one catchy tune, with an ABBA-esque quality (again, vocal harmonies) that’s damn infectious.
What are you listening to these days?


Emboss closeup

The custom handheld embosser I ordered last week arrived today. I can highly recommend Acorn Sales, as the order shipped incredibly fast, the quality is great (feels like this thing was designed by the military, 50 years ago) and their customer service was excellent.

I’m looking forward to impressing things that were previously unimpressed. Now to find some quality paper to brand…