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Welcome, Meagan Fisher

On a brief break from diaper changes and time-outs, I have an important announcement. Several months ago, I put out a call for help. Today, I’m excited to announce the search is over!

Meagan Fisher (talented designer, front-end coder and owl aficionado) will be joining us as a part-time assistant. Meagan has recently moved from sunny Florida to Salem, and will help SimpleBits become slightly less tiny than it’s been for the past six years or so, beginning next month. I’m really excited about some of the new things this will allow us to work on.

Some of her recent work includes a wonderful Rails Machine redesign (where she worked with Dan Benjamin, who I owe for putting us in touch) and Halogen Guides Greener. You can read more about her big move over at her blog.

So, welcome aboard, Meagan — and get ready to become a converted Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics fan (I’m omitting the Bruins since they have a bit of catching up to do).