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Fluid + Hahlo

The best Twitter interface, in my humble opinion, is (currently) Hahlo: a web application designed for the iPhone that uses the Twitter API to offer an alternative skin for the service. There’s a lot I like about the way Hahlo approached the UI. So much so, that I started missing those features when Twittering from the desktop.

Hahlo iconThat’s where Fluid comes in. I’m certainly late to the game here, but Fluid is a pretty handy little Mac application. It allows you to create Site Specific Browsers for web applications you use. These SSBs are then available as a dock icon or menu bar item, as if they were standalone desktop applications.

Each SSB has its own preferences and User Agent settings, and they’re conveniently untethered from your main browser of choice, able to be command-tabbed to, and unsusceptible to browser crashes caused by other sites. Fluid uses Webkit for its rendering engine, which enables it to work with iPhone web apps.

It rocks in combination with Hahlo, but also for other often-used web apps. Thought I’d mention it here for other potential late-to-the-gamers.
Use Fluid with other apps? Do tell.

Bean Baggage

So, the friendly folks at Sumo offered us a free beanbag chair, in exchange for a review. This isn’t normally a practice I’d take part in, but heck, we needed a beanbag chair (and who doesn’t?). As it turns out, Sumo has been sending chairs to other interweb friends and colleagues as well, and this makes us feel slightly less shameful to be blogging about free products. Now onto the review.

We received the Omni chair, which is really a giant pillow that can be manipulated into various seating configurations. We liked this because the office is tight on space, and multi-purpose seating options are welcomed. The covering of the chair is a bit like a nylon windbreaker—not exactly cozy, but yet easy to clean and a step up from the shiny, uncomfortable beanbag coverings of childhood memory.

My 2.75 year-old, Jack, gave it a thorough toddler test: spreading it out flat on the floor, then repeatedly “cannonballing” into it. It was a big hit, and it (and he) held up nicely. Again, the vinyl covering is key for clean-up if you have kids around.

The Omni is a nice addition to the BitCave, and we thank Sumo for sending it. But beware, if you order the Midnight Blue version, they’ve been known to swallow people whole. Just FYI.

Fresh Digs

After some previous hosting issues, we’re happy to be up and running again, now with Media Temple. There are dusty corners to clean up still, but most everything is happily buzzing along on mt’s (dv) service. Many thanks to the folks over there for helping me transition several domains and a lot of legacy stuff—particularly Chris Lea.

Prior to the move, my email had been broken for 2 days. Everything is fine now, but I’m pretty certain some email was lost along the way. If you sent something in the last few days that was urgent, you might want to send it again to be safe.

We now return to pushing pixels, moving other domains, cleaning up broken things, worrying about the economy, and waffling on the Oxford Comma.