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A Few Days with the New MBP

I just bought a new MacBook Pro. I like it. I was stunned at how bright the LED screen is. Then I realized it was only at half brightness. I don’t mind the lack of a button under the trackpad. I pretend there’s still a button under the trackpad. I rest my thumb where the button used to be. I’m OK with that, and it works for me.

I’m impressed with the precision of the casing. I picture dudes in white lab coats with metal instruments in their hands when I look at the tiny micro speaker holes. I don’t remember picturing dudes in white lab coats before (OK maybe with the 1st gen iPhone). I’m surprised that it’s not all that much thinner or lighter than the previous model though.

I like that, when lifting up the lid, the entire machine doesn’t lift off the desk or try and skate away. I like that there’s no latch, but miss an audible click that confirms it’s fully closed. I like that all the inputs are on one side now. I don’t like that it’s the opposite side that I’ve configured my desk for.

I love the glass screen. I’ll still need to plug into a non-glossy screen for any real color work. I’ve been OK with that. I think the speakers are louder than the previous model. I doubt my hearing has improved over the last few days, but if it has, then the speaker volume remains the same as the previous model. I’d be OK with that.

I was shocked how small the box it comes in is. I’m happy that Apple is considering packaging waste now. This reduced packaging lowers the “unboxing excitement” by approximately 4%. I’m OK with that.

I like this new MacBook Pro.

New at the IconShoppe: Disco

We’re happy to announce a brand spanking new icon set for sale over at the IconShoppe. It’s called Disco, and it’s a simple little set of disc-shaped icons that come in 7 colors, 3 sizes and 2 formats (GIF and PNG). It’s also reasonably priced at just thirty-nine bucks.

Disco icons sample

The IconShoppe has been offering our hand-crafted web icons to go for designers and site owners. We’re excited to finally add a new family to the shelves, with more to come in the coming months.

Also, going on sale today is Chameleon16, a TrueType pixel font for Mac and Windows that’s inspired by the Chameleon family of color-changing icons we’ve been serving since 2005. Now at just $19 USD, Chameleon16 is now the cheapest way to get the Chameleon Original set of icons (plus alphanumeric characters!).

Authentic Discount

Looking to find great talent from a targeted audience of savvy web workers? Get 30% off the purchase price of a full-time or freelance job listing over at our partner, Authentic Jobs. Just enter the promotion code SIMPLE31 and immediately feel better about the crumbling economy. Offer ends October 31st. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


We’ve created a special place where we can recommend various books, music and products that help us design and kick ass. That place is called SimpleGoods, a custom little Amazon Store (or “AStore” as those in the know call them).


Design and customization by Meagan, who is now an expert in overriding horrendous legacy code via a tiny textarea (read more about the process). One is limited in terms of what’s customizable in an AStore, but Meagan found a way to make it unique and awesome (just don’t look under the hood, and send your code grievances directly to, thanks ;-).

Some of the categories are merely stubs for adding products in the future as we come across them. And you might be interested to know that the latest item added is our new Hoover “Slider” Rechargeable Broom, a vacuum alternative for the space-conscious. Apparently when a vacuum is small enough, they’re called “electric brooms”. Just FYI.