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Charge Tee Update

Apparently there’s a market for battery-adorned garments! Our Charge Tee (released earlier this month) was a hit, and the first batch sold out quickly. We’re expecting a new shipment tomorrow, and will be shipping any remaining orders as fast as possible. We’ve also opened up ordering for all sizes again — we just can’t guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery on new orders from today forward. Then again, a battery-adorned t-shirt really makes a great New Year’s gift, doesn’t it?

Also, it seems our initial batch is starting to make its way into the wild. Check out the Charged Up pool over at Flickr for photos of the t-shirt being worn by cool people like you.

Charge Tee

Charge TeeIt’s been awhile since we designed a t-shirt, and today we’re happy to announce the fresh-off-the-presses and just-in-time-for-the-holidays Charge Tee: a simple black battery icon screen-printed on an athletic grey Tri-Blend shirt from American Apparel. The Tri-Blend is the softest, most comfortable shirt I’ve owned. And you’ll love it too. Wear it to the gym, coffeeshop, pub—or wherever you recharge.
The shirts (like previous designs) were printed by Acme Prints in Arizona, and will be hand-packed by myself, Meagan, or anyone else we can coax into helping.