New Icons: Boxtrot and Ballroom SuperPack

We’re once again happy to announce a new icon set for sale over at our IconShoppe. It’s called Boxtrot, and it’s a simple little set of perfectly square icons that come in 7 colors, 3 sizes and 2 formats (GIF and PNG). It’s also reasonably priced at just thirty-nine bucks.

Boxtrot icons sample

The new set is based off the previously released Disco and Square Dance sets. Also released today is the Ballroom SuperPack, which includes all three sets at a discount of over 30% (and similar to our Chameleon SuperPack which is another way of getting multiple sets in one discounted purchase).

If you’ve already bought Disco and/or Square Dance and wish to purchase the SuperPack, let us know and we’ll send instructions on getting an additional discount.

Here’s to fresh pixels in 2009!