Build Society, February 2nd

Clear your schedules, Boston-area web geeks! An extra-special joint event with fellow North Shore pals, Build Guild and the Markup & Style Society (new site coming soon) are co-hosting a meetup here in Salem on February 2nd. Special guest Eric “Rock Horns” Meyer will be in town—and when Mr. Meyer is in town, you gather up the troops and celebrate with frosty beverages and good times. You just do.

As usual, my M&SS cohort Mr. Marcotte has written up a far better summary of the night’s events. As has Mr. Meyer.

Hope to see you here in the Witch City for what is sure to be a wonderful night of markup, style and guilding. If that makes sense.


  1. Dale Cruse says:

    Done deal! See you there, Dan!

  2. Paul Kelley says:

    There’s no question where I’ll be that night.

  3. Fred Yates says:

    Hm… I’ve never actually come out to any kind of event, gathering, or conference – maybe I’ll start with this one!

  4. I’ve been meaning to get up to Salem for a Build Guild meetup for a while now, and I suppose this is as good a time as any. Drinks are on Eric “Eric Freakin’ Meyer” Meyer, right? Right?

  5. Connor Sears says:

    I would love to be there. There should be something like this for the Louisville/Lexington, KY area. Cool stuff.

  6. Marc Amos says:

    Patrick, a tall frothy on me.