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The Bitcave was temporarily transformed into a video studio this week, while shooting a DVD for New Riders. I’ll have much more info on the video and other fun stuff related to it, soon.

video shoot

After seeing all the work that goes into setting up a simple shoot like this (lighting, sound, rigging, data transfers) I have newfound respect to those that produce motion stuff for a living. There were parts of the taping where I felt comfortable (when presenting against familiar material) and other times where it was downright grueling (talking directly to the camera for 30 takes in a row).

Major props to those that can do this kind of thing on a regular basis, and make it look effortless.

An Event Apart Seattle

In just two weeks, I’ll be heading west to Seattle for An Event Apart. The event, as with any AEA show, will undoubtedly rock. It’s also on the brink of being sold out, so act now if you’d like to attend. You can also save an extra $100 off the registration by using the discount code AEACEDE.
And that reminds me. If one were looking for the best coffee in Seattle, where would one go? Let the debate begin, fine folks of the Pacific Northwest.