Future Talk

Ten years ago, two of my biggest fears were: flying and public speaking. I’ve done enough of both (usually combined) over the last several years to where I’m now OK with either. At times even comfortable with it. I’ll probably always get nervous right before a talk — but the anxiety has shifted from, “crap, how am I going to get through this” to, “I want this to be good. I don’t want to let anyone down”.

With that confession out of the way, the next year is filling up with some great events, and I thought I’d list them here:

Ethan and I are also looking for other unique cities to bring the Handcrafted CSS event to. Have an idea, or know of an event that needs a full-day course that covers CSS3, fluid grids, bulletproof design and more? We’d love to hear about it (in the comments on this post).


  1. Please oh Jeebus please consider Norfolk, VA. Quality workshops/conferences are hard to come by in VA.

  2. Billee D. says:

    +1 for Norfolk, VA since that is close to me (I’m in Kill Devil Hills, NC). Raleigh, NC would be great as well, though a bit further away. You come to VA, Dan and I will buy you a beer or two. :-)

  3. Nick Webb says:

    Yes….come to Norfolk! I would definitely attend!

  4. Dave Vogler says:

    We’d love to have you in Rochester, NY. Only a half day’s drive from Mass!

  5. How about Minneapolis? We have a thriving, vIbrant Interactive community here, and we also hate the Yankees with profound passion.

  6. Come on over to San Diego. We have Dolphins…and good beer

  7. Noah Stokes says:

    San Fran. Come to San Francisco.

  8. Come on over to Berlin Germany. You two guys coming over would be enough for an event in itself. Ok I just said that because I don’t know if any upcoming events off the top of my head but boy I would be one happy designer if there was a workshop here.

  9. Brad Colbow says:

    Would love to see something like that come to Cleveland. Out of curiosity, how many people would you need to attend in order to make it worth your while?

  10. Dan Ott says:

    There’s a very strong web development community in Cleveland that would love to host you(:

  11. Taylor Swyter says:

    Dan, please cater to your own state, do a talk in boston! I’m a student at Mass Art and I would LOVE to hear you speak! I’m sure it would be benefiicial for a lot of students interested in web design!

  12. While its proximity is close to Salem, you’d draw a huge crowd in Burlington, VT. Plus there would be the added bonus of:

    * Returning to your home state
    * Talking about handcrafted CSS in a state known for its handcrafted-ness.
    * Fresh air
    * Most microbrews per capita in the country

    Just sayin’

  13. Ann says:

    NYC, of course.

    Nunavut, heh.

  14. Brad Dielman says:

    Another vote for Cleveland! We would love to have you and Ethan bring the workshop to our city. Like Dan said, we have a thriving web community here that would love to hear it.

  15. Brian Hefter says:

    Portland, OR

    Sizable tech community, excellent public transit, and more beer breweries than any other city in the country.

  16. Come to Cleveland! We have coffee here. We have beer here. We also have your pal, Eric Meyer. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with Ginger Jesus?

  17. BruceH says:

    I’d love to suggest Houston, but I don’t think there are enough developers here to support it. I could be wrong. Austin might be a good choice though.

  18. I’m stoked to hear you speak at FOWD in a couple weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you too!

    As for cities, you should hit up Miami. We have a pretty good community for this type of stuff.

    This February coming up, I’ll be helping organize WordCamp Miami, which will be right along the time of FOWA Miami. Maybe that would be a good time for you to also come down and do a Handcrafted CSS event.

  19. Chris Buddie says:

    D.C. is in dire need of some real experts… to fight the good fight when it comes to usability, design and smart code. Plenty of developers in the private and government sectors who need your help.

  20. Jason Neel says:

    Pittsburgh, maybe?

  21. Mike says:

    Go with Portland. You won’t regret it for a minute. I’ll buy voodoo doughnuts!

  22. Csscoffee says:

    Awesome Dan
    I wish i could see you talk at an event

  23. Mike D. says:

    Man, why do they keep moving the Seattle one further and further into the rainy season? June was great. May was risky. But April is just asking for it.

  24. Peter says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  25. Quest says:


    I would love to learn from you and Ethan at the HandCrafted CSS seminar. Please consider coming to Atlanta, GA. That would be awesome! Thanks for everything.

  26. DTang says:

    I would like to cast my vote for San Diego! We get so very few workshops here and we even have an Art Institute, Sea World, and quality Zoo!!! Not enough? I can also promise free food at my restaurant & bar in La Jolla for you and Ethan (family included) during your stay here. We are right near the beach, just north of downtown San Diego. I can think of at least 4 other people who would attend seminars with me… San Diego… Please?!?!

  27. Akbar Shah says:

    I really want to attend this… but I am gonna sort my time schedule. Big question ?

  28. My vote is for Australia. I’m sure Web Directions http://www.webdirections.org/ would be fitting. It’s held in Sydney.

  29. 3Easy says:

    Second vote Australia. We have handcrafted flora & fauna, bulletproof beer and fine wines. Sure, we do web standards, in our remaining spare time :)

  30. Mike Bateman says:

    As Mr. Keith and yourself are on the tentative list for Minneapolis, I vote Minneapolis. Taking a second look at the speaker list, why not make a week of it in the Twin Cities with a Handcrafted CSS workshop with Mr. Marcotte.

  31. Cam says:

    3rd vote for Sydney, Australia
    (please not at webdirections)

  32. Craig Walsh says:

    Anywhere in the UK. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh. I would travel the length and breadth of UK for a good course on web design!

  33. With regard to the comment above about the UK – Do you have any plans to come over to the UK at all?

  34. SteveB says:

    Boulder, Colorado is oft’ called the “second silicon valley,” “microbrew capital of the USA,” and just plain beautiful. With 300+ days of sunshine and lots of Sox fans (there were more of us at Coors Field than Rockies fans, even during the World Series), it’d be a great place to bring the Handcrafted tour. I work at the University of Colorado @ Boulder, and we have a brand new Visual Arts Complex where I’m sure we could host it. Most importantly, you’d be among folks who know what breakfast at Red’s Diner is all about, not to mention the allure of New England. Cheers!