My New Ride


A month ago I made one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I bought a kick scooter. Not one of those aluminum things with rollerblade wheels where the handle is so short you have to hunch over—but a scooter built for adults.

After a fair amount of research I found the KickPed, which is a custom model designed by NYCEWheels. It’s not cheap, but it’s built for the streets of New York and is supposedly maintenance free. The wheels are wide, solid rubber, the birch footboard is trimmed skinny to avoid hitting it with your kicking foot. The handlebars are fixed height (they come in two sizes) and the whole thing folds by pulling up the spring-loaded metal sleeve at the bottom, exposing a single hinge. A strap goes around the back fender and can be held over your shoulder.

Now I may not be riding on the streets of New York, but the streets here in Salem, Mass. have a fair amount of brick and old cobblestone. The KickPed can handle it all with ease. It’s a tank.

I use it to make the short trip from the house to the office, but the primary reason this was a successful purchase is that I can scoot with my son to school along a bike path (until it starts snowing). Me scooting at full blast happens to be the same speed as him biking. For now, the synergy is palpable.

Oh, and I’m not being paid to post this little review, but rather posting for the benefit of future kick scooter researchers. And yes I likely look absurd riding it.