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A Typographic Refresh

A little over five years ago, Greg Storey suggested Whitney for the SimpleBits logotype that went along with a previous brand update. I’m thankful he did, because since then it’s become a favorite typeface around these parts, eventually becoming the base for the current ‘SB’ mark. Over the next few years, Hoefler & Frere-Jones catalog became my standard go-to font choices for presentation slides. I was hooked.

Over the weekend I made some subtle design tweaks here, and some not-so-subtle type refreshing. I’m honored to be beta testing H&FJ’s forthcoming webfonts offering. You’ll now see Whitney and Tungsten being used throughout the site. I’m amazed at the level of detail H&FJ have been putting into the screen versions of their famous fonts. Whitney ScreenSmart, in particular, looks downright glorious on a Retina display. You might’ve seen Whitney in use over at as well.

So, many thanks to H&FJ for giving me an excuse to spruce up the place a bit. Perhaps it’ll inspire to write a bit more here.


Yesterday, on stage at An Event Apart Atlanta, I announced Pears: an open source WordPress theme for creating your own markup & style pattern library.

I wanted to create my own database repository of commonly used patterns and figured the tool might be useful for others as well. Breaking interfaces down into patterns has been immensely helpful in learning and re-evaluating the best possible code to implement them. I’ve just gotten started and will be adding more as I create them.

But Pears isn’t about how I code these patterns—it’s a tool for creating your own.

The theme is available on GitHub for those that want to chip in and make it even better. Admittedly, the code is a little rough here and there, but it works.

Looking forward to seeing others’ takes on the patterns that power flexible web interfaces.