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A Typographic Refresh

A little over five years ago, Greg Storey suggested Whitney for the SimpleBits logotype that went along with a previous brand update. I’m thankful he did, because since then it’s become a favorite typeface around these parts, eventually becoming the base for the current ‘SB’ mark. Over the next few years, Hoefler & Frere-Jones catalog became my standard go-to font choices for presentation slides. I was hooked.

Over the weekend I made some subtle design tweaks here, and some not-so-subtle type refreshing. I’m honored to be beta testing H&FJ’s forthcoming webfonts offering. You’ll now see Whitney and Tungsten being used throughout the site. I’m amazed at the level of detail H&FJ have been putting into the screen versions of their famous fonts. Whitney ScreenSmart, in particular, looks downright glorious on a Retina display. You might’ve seen Whitney in use over at as well.

So, many thanks to H&FJ for giving me an excuse to spruce up the place a bit. Perhaps it’ll inspire to write a bit more here.