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A book by Dan Cederholm, showing web designers how to inject flexibility into their designs. Bulletproof Web Design contains several guidelines to help prepare compelling designs for worst-case scenarios, increasing user control and readability for varying text sizes and amounts of content.

Published by New Riders in August 2005 followed by a Second Edition published in August 2007, each chapter starts out with an example of an "unbulletproof" concept — an existing site that employs a traditional approach and its associated pitfalls. The book then deconstructs that approach, noting its downsides, then rebuilds it step-by-step using semantic XHTML and CSS.

By the end of each chapter, you'll have replaced traditional, bloated, inaccessible page components with lean markup and CSS. The guide culminates with a chapter that pieces together all of the page components discussed in prior chapters into a single page template.

Bulletproof Web Design is a fun, visual primer, lovingly crafted in full-color.

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