What people are saying about Bulletproof Web Design, through reviews and weblog entries.

This book is a classic. It belongs on every web designer’s shelf. —Jeffrey Zeldman (Amazon.com Guest Review)

This is one of the most beautiful web design books I have ever read. —Treehouse Magazine (October, 2005)

It's got a special something that most tech books don't, namely cohesivenessDave Shea

Dan Cederholm knows exactly what Web designers need, and he writes for them. ... solid writing combined with his easy-to-follow instructions complemented by clear visual presentations make Bulletproof Web Design an essential guide for designers. —VisualGUI

If it sounds like I've got nothing but good things to say about this book, well, that's because I don't. This is an important book for people who design with CSS. —Daniel Burka

Visually, the book is amazing. ... vital and should be used and repeated by everyone who takes on the charge of creating, redesigning or administering a website. —Brad Bice

Cederholm has a knack of making complicated subject matter simple enough for beginners to understand, whilst still maintaining enough detail for advanced readers to get their teeth into. Reading this book will teach everyone something. —Logoblog

BPWD is well written and nicely designed using the bright colours and iconic symbols reminiscent of Dan's Web site... I rate this book 9/10. —Julian Rickards

Without a doubt the best web design book I've ever come across. —AVERNUS

A book for every web professional's desk. —maratz.com

The focus on real-world contingency design for standards-based CSS layouts should be required reading for all CSS newcomers. —graphicPUSH