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Exceptionally Negative
Using negative margins on an element can at times be the easiest way to "nudge" it out from the rest, treating the exception to the rule in order to simplifiy code. (May 2005)
CSS Centering 101
"How do I center a fixed-width layout using CSS?" Find out how. (September 2004)
Clickable Link Backgrounds
A bulletproof unordered list of links, each with a unique (purely decorative) left-aligned icon that is referenced with CSS — but that is also clickable. (July 2004)
Bulletproof Slants
Slant-separated navigation that is flexible and accessible. (July 2004)
CSS Photo Zoom
Demonstration of using CSS to zoom a single image on hovering. (August 2003)
Mini-Tab Shapes
A variation of Mini-Tabs using a single, centered GIF image to stylize hovered and active navigation items. (August 2003)
Magic Icons for Lazy People
A neat trick for creating one set of icons that changes color with a simple CSS update. (July 2003)
CSS Mini-Tabs
The un-tab, tab. An example of an alternate take on pure, CSS tabs using just a styled, unordered list and no images or tables. (June 2003)
Icon-Styled Headings
Using background-image to stylize heading tags and lists. An easy, but smart way to keep non-essential images out of your markup. (June 2003)
Simplified CSS Tabs
My own take on the CSS tab extravaganza that has been sweeping the web. It uses just a styled, unordered list and a 1x1 pixel image to create the bottom border -- thereby bomb-proofing the display for most modern browsers. (April 2003)