Graphic design, XHTML/CSS development May 2004


SimpleBits was contracted to redesign the search results pages for A stronger, more cleanly organized design was the goal, while allowing for several new features to be added to the functionality.

A tab navigation system powers the toggling of the search query between ESPN, Web and eventually other channels. Player and team “modules” were designed to be stylish, yet flexible with an unpredictable amount of content contained within.

The entire design was built with web standards — valid and lean XHTML markup, along with CSS providing 100% of the design details. This enables users of all types of browsers, devices and software to be able to access ESPN’s powerful search. The pages are also scalable, in that low-vision users are able to “bump up” the text size of the page, while the design remains intact.

In addition to the Search results pages, a “Most Searched” mini window was designed to match the results — and was linked from the home page.

Along with the new design, an icon logo treatment was developed to further brand ESPN’s search across the site and other media. This icon would influence the rest of the section’s look and feel.

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