Fast Company

Interface design, icon design, XHTML/CSS/XSLT development March 2003


As part of the web team (under Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing), I designed and developed an April 2003 relaunch of Fast Company Magazine’s web site, making it one of the first large sites to use web standard and valid XHTML with a 100% table-less layout using CSS.

By relying on CSS for the site’s presentation, the following was made possible:

Page Size Reduced by Half
The average page size was cut in half over the previous, nested table layout.
Chameleon Effect
The entire site’s color pallete can be changed instantly each month to coordinate with the current
issue’s magazine cover, by the updating of one file.
Better Accessibility
Features were incorporated to make the site more accessible for all browsers as well as devices such as phones and PDAs
to access Fast Company‘s content, while at the same time helping those with disabilities view and navigate the site.
The content is available and easily read by all browsers and devices, while the site’s design and layout details are shown only to modern browsers that support them.
Valid Code
Over 70 issues of magazine content were cleaned up and validated to XHTML 1.0 Transitional specifications from the W3C.

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