Icon design, interface design September 2005 & April 2007


SimpleBits has worked with Google on two small projects. In September of 2005, we designed two, small icons for their newly-created Blog Search. These icons would further assist in results filtering by searching a specific blog, or showing all posts from a particular blog. The style of the icons was to fit into the overall Blogger site design, where earthy tones and thick, rounded strokes are found throughout.

While the scope of this project was rather small, we feel that the inclusion of these icons will make the world a far better place than it was.

Later, in March 2007, SimpleBits worked with Google’s AdSense team to design new concepts for its popular text advertising modules. We delivered several concepts, with the goal being to freshen up the visual appearance of the ad modules, all the while maintaining the ability for site owners to customize the color palette of the links and surrounding design elements. You’ll now notice our “little rounded tab” design all over the web, where crafty, semi-transparent PNGs were used to enable color swapping to match any site.

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