XHTML/CSS development April 2007 & October 2006


SimpleBits worked with to create the XHTML templates and CSS that powered an April 2007 redesign of the site. A previous Flash version was replaced by clean, semantic markup and CSS that put MTV’s content at the forefront.

Prior to that, as part of an all-Flash redesign in October 2006, SimpleBits was contracted to help construct an underlying XHTML/CSS version of for Flash-less browsers and devices.

The shiny new version of the site required the latest-and-greatest Flash plugin, and found it important to leave no one behind. Readers who hadn’t upgraded to the latest version of Flash would still receive the site’s content, identical thanks to transforming the same XML that drives the Flash version into nicely formatted XHTML/CSS templates. In addition, search engines would better index the site’s content and Flash-less browsers and devices would benefit as well.

SimpleBits applauded MTV’s decision to put resources behind a unique hybrid design. From MTV-designed templates, Dan Cederholm worked with the team in creating the working XHTML and CSS that powered the alternate view of the site.

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