Graphic design, icon design, XHTML/CSS development July 2005


Odeo is a one-stop-shop for creating, listening and subscribing to original audio content, or “podcasts”. The site makes it easy for anyone to explore and publish audio content on the web, utilizing fresh colors, simple iconography and fast, flexible standards-based designs.

SimpleBits had the pleasure of working with founders Evan Willams and Noah Glass in creating the visual design for the Odeo site and blog, as well as the initial XHTML and CSS templates that were based on the three actions: Listen, Sync, Create. The Odeo team could take these designs, add to them, extend them, etc. within their fantastic Ruby on Rails framework.

With a friendly, adaptable, sleek design, Odeo users can find interesting audio, sync it with their device, comment on channels and shows, and eventually create their own podcasts.

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