Web Standards Sherpa

Logo Design, Interface Design, Art Direction March 2011


Web Standards Sherpa is a WaSP outreach project initiated by Aaron Gustafson and Easy! Designs and sponsored by Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, W3C and several other companies.

The site will…

“…provide web professionals the opportunity to receive feedback, glean advice and learn best practices from experts in the field to help them improve the quality of their own work.”

I had the pleasure of handling the initial design and art direction for the site and working with the fantastic team that put this project together. It’s exciting to see it alive and kicking. A somewhat playful and abstract illustration style drove the “mountain sherpa” inspired color palette and imagery. A simple grid helps to give maximum readability to the content.

Check out the first pool of articles from sherpas Jared Spool, Aaron Gustafson and Erin Kissane or read more from the Web Standards Project.

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